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Note: Bloom + Grow will be Wintering 12/25/23-2/29/24. We will be prioritizing rest, rejuvenation, dreaming, creating, and rooting to return in the Spring with fresh ideas. We will be reachable through email, but pausing community spaces.

Workgroup is a great place to join us for updates and community engagement!
*Co-working Space*
Co-working time is designated time that organizers meet to work together on projects.
*Town Halls*
Town Halls occur seasonally and are opportunities for the collective to meet and gather consensus on projects and priorities.
*Community Process Group (CPG)*

CPGs are community-held space with rotating facilitators were practitioners can gather with each other and give voice to obstacles to feeling successful in this field. We are often isolated in holding our stress, which becomes an obstacle to collective organizing.
*Consultation Group (Coming Soon)*
A clinical space to creative support with client work. Also a community-held space with rotating facilitation to support clinicians in their work.


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