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Our Work

Calling for Loan Discharge!


January 2024 Bloom + Grow began holding monthly workshops for applicants of the Borrower Defense Loan Discharge program. We created a form and corresponding google sheet to capture and crowd share supporting evidence for completing the Borrower Defense Loan Discharge application. We encourage mental health providers who feel they are eligible to apply to do so not just with their own benefit in mind, but also to join with others in a direct action. This is an invitation to participate in sending a flood of applications to overwhelm an under-prepared system, increasing processing time for the benefit of all applying. Bloom+Grow will host co-working space to complete the application in community 1/9, 2/9, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10 5-7pm pst via zoom (potential for future dates).

Therapists Encourage Colleagues, Profession to ‘Bloom + Grow’


December 2023 Bloom + Grow is featured in the inaugural NUHW's Behavioral Health Associate Membership (BHAM) newsletter! This heart-felt interview highlights our inspiration for forming this collective and some of our work so far.

Listen Now!


September 2023 Bloom + Grow released a podcast series utilizing the Work That Reconnects Spiral framework to process provider disillusionment in the mental health field. This will correspond with the publication of a piece we've written for the Deep Time Journal. Podcast episodes to be released Winter-Spring 2023/2024 with additional seasons to come!

Community Care Gathering

March 2023 Bloom + Grow hosted a community care gathering to raise awareness of our work and build community.

Kaiser Mental Health Provider Strike

August 2022 Bloom + Grow provided water and snacks for Bay Area strikers, shared news directly from the picket line + NUHW, and created content in support of their efforts.

The Bay Area's Mental Health Labor Crisis
by Sarah Dardick, LMFT, LPCC, NCC
featured in Broke Ass Stuart December 2018

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